The Fashion Trend of Cuban Collar Shirts

Cuban Collar Shirts

A retro trend that has made a fantastic comeback in recent years! It has now become a staple in men's wardrobes, a perfect combination of style and convenience. These shirts are known for their loose fit and a wide open collar which is usually worn unbuttoned.

A Splash of Colour

Are you planning to add a splash of style and colour to your closet? If your answer is yes, then a few bright and colourful Cuban collar shirts are exactly what you need. These stylish shirts are also known as cabana and camp collar shirts, and are known to be trendy and comfortable at the same time. This makes them perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and other festive occasions, where they can be worn along with a suit for a vibrant and regal look.

Some of the distinguishing features of Cuban collar shirts that have made them so popular among consumers are listed below.

Distinguishing Features

Loose Fit: Taking a vacation to the tropics? Make sure you pack a couple of Cuban collar shirts for the trip. Tracing their origin to the 18th century South America, these shirts are known for their loose, boxy tailoring and vibrant colours. There can be no better outfit for a hot summer day than a loose and airy cabana shirt.

Open Collar: One of the most definitive features of a Cuban collar shirts is its open, double-notch, one-piece collar that is traditionally worn unbuttoned and spread out. This will ensure that your neck and shoulders get much-needed air, creating a stylish look when paired with skinny jeans or formal trousers.

Bright Colours: The most popular Cuban collar shirts feature bright colours, bold prints, and a vibrant, cheerful aesthetic. Having trouble getting into the holiday spirit? Just don the most colourful and stylish cabana shirt in your wardrobe, paired with solid/neutral trousers or shorts, before hitting the streets with your friends!

Short Sleeves: Made from cotton or other light fabrics, Cuban collar shirts usually feature short sleeves that only cover the upper arm of the wearer. The sleeves are loose and floppy, allowing enough room for air to pass through, giving a hip and trendy look to the wearer, without compromising on comfort.

Plain in a Solid Colour: If you want a more subdued and classy look, then go for a plain Cuban collar shirts with a solid colour. Unlike the shirts featuring bold prints, a solid, plain cabana shirt will be better suited for semi-formal settings such as office parties and professional gatherings.

Concluding Thoughts

These are some of the most common and distinguishing features of Cuban collar shirts, which are rising in popularity with celebrities donning them in vacay mode. If bold prints, vibrant colours, and comfortable design are things that appeal to you, then waste no more time in getting yourself a few of these trendy shirts.

Be it a romantic date with your partner or a vacation with your buddies, these shirts are just perfect for every occasion!

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